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Genie9 Releases Genie Timeline Free Edition 2.1

One time setup; a life time of protection.

June 23, 2010--- Genie Timeline Free 2.1 is the first free, complete backup software that aims to protect all of your computer’s data. It needs zero maintenance, zero scheduling and zero performance impact.

Genie Timeline Free 2.1 is where quality meets simplicity. With a 2-step setup wizard, it is ready to work on your machine without the need of any user intervention. It seamlessly backs up a wide variety of data types such as system files, e-mails, documents, music, pictures, eBooks, videos, and practically anything on your machine, while running in the background; files can be retrieved easily with a simple right click.

This looks awesome! Looks great for me, and it also looks like something I could recommend to non-tech family members…

Lars-Eivind. Developed with intelligent Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Genie Timeline Free shows frequent backups for the past 4 hours, hourly backups for the past week and weekly backups onwards.

As one of our users, Norma, puts it “…Now I just sit back and let the program continuously monitor and backup my data” she adds “The protection status indicator assures me that all of my important files are 100% backed up.”

With Genie Timeline Free you can always monitor your backup status, whether by simply hovering over the Timeline agent in the icon tray, viewing the backup breakdown (an informative chart that displays the capacity and distribution of data types in the backup) or by only glancing at the backup markers (markers placed on your icons; depending on its color you can determine if the file is included in the backup job or not).

Genie Timeline Free aims for your complete system protection; therefore, it intelligently recognizes backup drives on your machine and recommends the most suitable. Also with the future bringing online integration, your data can be stored safely on offsite storage bringing you peace of mind.

Guinness world record holder trusts Genie Timeline 2.1 Fred W Finn World’s Most Traveled Person “…Genie is Genius and it does exactly what it says on the box, brilliant ease of use”.

Simply, Genie Timeline Free 2.1 is the solution to keep you protected at all times with the ability to go back in time to view and restore files as they existed in the past. Genie Timeline: Finding new ways to revolutionize backup software!

Download Genie Timeline Free 2.1

Pricing and Availability

Genie Timeline is now available in three editions; Genie Timeline Home edition ($39.95), Genie Timeline Professional edition ($59.95), and Genie Timeline Free Edition. Genie Timeline is also currently available in 10 languages which include English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

About Genie9

Genie9, is a commercial developer of backup, archiving and security software solutions, providing products that combine reliability, flexibility and ease of use for both individuals and organizations.

Genie9's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. The clutter-free user interface and intuitive functionality make Genie9 products one of the most productive and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.

To learn more about Genie9's products and to contact us, please visit us at http://www.Genie9.com