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If you are looking for:

Backing up data to the cloud (Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, ...)

Zoolz Cloud

Backup all your important documents, music, videos to a secure and reliable cloud Lifetime Storage

Backup Desktops, Laptops (Compare Products)

Simple & Easy

Simple, easy to use, and continuous backup of all your files to external drives or Network locations, then you need:

Genie Timeline Home 10 (Recommended)

Comprehensive Backup

Backing up to all media; External, CD/DVD/Blu-ray, FTP/FTPS, and Network drives. Scheduled based product, then you need:

Genie Backup Manager 9.0 Home Edition

Features GTL Home 10 GBM Home 9
Backup file retention checkImage
How Backup Runs are Triggered Continuous, Real-Time, and scheduled By basic Scheduler
File Versioning Support File-level versioning. Multiple versions / file. Job Versioning – Multiple versions of entire backup job.
Supported Backup Types Incremental block-level backups Full, Incremental, and Mirror
Number of Backup Jobs 1 Multiple Jobs
Disaster Recovery Support checkImage checkImage
Purging checkImage checkImage
Backup Retention By size and number of file versions By date and number of backups
AES Encryption checkImage
Built-in Search Engine checkImage checkImage
Supported Backup Locations Local, Network, and removable media Local, Network, removable media, FTP/FTPS and CD/DVD/Blu-ray
Backup markers checkImage
Right-click file options checkImage
Timeline view checkImage
Price $39.95 $49.95
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