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Genie Timeline vs Windows 8 File History

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Features Genie Timeline Home Windows 8 File History
Supports Windows XP checkImage
Supports Windows Vista checkImage
Supports Windows 7 checkImage
Supports Windows 8 checkImage checkImage
Compression checkImage
Encryption checkImage
Disaster Recovery checkImage
Email notification of Backup Status / Error / Success checkImage
Real-time continuous data protection checkImage
Step-by-step restore checkImage
File Deduplication checkImage
Network drive backup checkImage
Backup Search-ability checkImage checkImage
Flexible Customization of Backup Selection checkImage checkImage
File Filters checkImage
Block Level Backup checkImage
Backup to network and external drives checkImage checkImage
File Retention by number of versions checkImage
File Retention by Size checkImage
File Retention by days checkImage
Deleted file Detection – view checkImage checkImage
Open File Backup checkImage checkImage
Automatic purging of older versions checkImage checkImage
Easy Single-file / folder / drive restoration checkImage checkImage
Protection Level icon indicator checkImage
Power Saving Mode checkImage
Plug’n’Backup checkImage
Multiple performance modes checkImage
Game/Movie mode checkImage