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Outlook Express Backup Version 6.5 - FREE

Backup, Protect, Restore, Every thing, Anytime, With a click of a button
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It supports backing up the data of all the identities in Microsoft Outlook Express in the same backup file! Backup as a self executable EXE file: backup your data in the form of a standalone EXE file that can be executed on any machine even if Outlook Express Backup is not installed!
  "Unlimited" backup data size!
What makes Outlook Express Backup different from all other backup applications is that it gives the user the ability to backup data of unlimited size.
  Backup File Integrity Testing : Outlook Express Backup introduces a new valuable tool to its users; it gives you the option to “test” your backup file anytime you want to make sure your data is always safe and sound.  
  You can backup:
Multiple Identities
Message Rules
All accounts
Block Senders
Windows Address Book
Windows Favorites
  Auto Update: This new feature allows you to automatically update your version of Genie Outlook Express Backup.  
  You can view emails inside the backup file without having to restore them first. This new feature allows you to quick-view your emails. You can even “copy” the text of the email and you can view images, media, etc.
  An automatic backup scheduler that enables you from starting the backup process at anytime without you being physically there.  
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