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Genie9 Releases Genie Timeline 2.0

One time setup; a life time of protection.

Eastport, NY (PRWEB) April 8, 2010 -- Genie9 introduces Genie Timeline 2.0; revolutionary software designed to redefine backup. It is a time machine for Windows that brings to life the term “set it and forget it” through a simple and easy interface, and continuous data protection.

Genie9.com Logo
Genie9.com Logo

Genie Timeline 2.0 is powered with Incremental Block Level; new technology that backs up only modifications or changes made within the file, not the entire file, saving you both time and space...
Genie Timeline 2.0 is the solution for protecting all of your computer’s data. It can backup a wide variety of data types such as music, pictures, videos, eBooks, emails, office files, system files, etc.
“Whether you are tech savvy or a novice, Timeline will make the backup experience easy and smooth, but don’t let the simple interface fool you, there’s a lot of technology and sheer power under the hood…“said Muayyad Shehadeh, Genie9 CEO.

With a 3-step setup wizard, Genie Timeline is ready to work on its own without an administrator’s intervention. It seamlessly backs up your data in the background, working as a parallel universe with computing history, where deleted and backed up files can be retrieved easily by a click of a button. With its intelligent Continuous Data Protection (CDP) the Timeline Slider shows frequent versions of your backup for the past 2 hours, hourly versions for the past week, and weekly versions onwards.

Genie Timeline 2.0 is powered with Incremental Block Level; new technology that backs up only modifications or changes made within the file, not the entire file, saving you both time and space. It also gives you the ability to compress or encrypt (using 256-bit AES military encryption) your data for full control and protection.

No need to worry if your computer crashes, Genie Timeline is enhanced with a Disaster Recovery (DR) feature that will back up Windows’ folders, program files, and user’s data. This feature is used to recover your system in case of failure.

The lightweight software monitors your system’s performance and recognizes when you are playing a game, watching a movie or running a presentation and alters its performance mode accordingly by pausing the backup for better CPU usage. It will also run on low resources when your computer is running on batteries and will pause when the power level becomes critical.

Download Genie Timeline

Pricing and Availability
Genie Timeline is now available in three editions; Genie Timeline Home edition ($39.95), Genie Timeline Professional edition ($59.95), and Genie Timeline Free Edition. Genie Timeline is also currently available in 10 languages which include English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

About Genie9
Genie9, is a commercial developer of backup, archiving and security software solutions, providing products that combine reliability, flexibility and ease of use for both individuals and organizations.
Genie9's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. The clutter-free user interface and intuitive functionality make Genie9 products one of the most productive and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.
To learn about Genie9's products and managed services solutions, please go to the Web at http://www.Genie9.com

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