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Partnership adds Genie Backup Manager software to LaCie devices
Genie9, December 16, 2011 - A new partnership has been formed that will see Genie9's backup software included with LaCie's new storage devices. Genie9 will be providing three backup programs; Genie Backup Assistant, Genie Backup Manager Home and Genie Backup Manager Pro, all derived from Genie9’s main product line Genie Backup Manager. Genie Backup Assistant will be included with all LaCie hard drives and some of its network storage devices.

Genie9 and LaCie came together to work on developing a special built backup software for LaCie storage devices. Genie Backup Manager was specifically designed for best compatibility with the LaCie drives and can automatically scan for an attached LaCie device and select it as default location for backup.

Genie Backup Assistant can only backup files to LaCie drives and includes only the basic features of the full featured product; while Genie Backup Manager can perform backups to almost any virtual media and is capable of performing Disaster Recovery backups to help recover in case of system failure.

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