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AOS Technologies to distribute Genie9's data backup software in Japan

Aos Technologies


Genie9, April 29, 2011 - Genie9, a leading developer of data backup and security software, and AOS Technologies, a leading developer and publisher of utility software and networking business solutions, have today announced a new partnership agreement.

This move will see AOS Technologies distribute Genie9's best-selling Genie Timeline in Japan. Genie Timeline is an award winning data backup application that makes it easy to protect data assets through its cutting edge data backup and security technology.

AOS Technologies is a leading developer and publisher of utility software and networking business solutions. "We are thrilled to offer our data backup products to Japanese businesses and consumers." said Muayyad Shehadeh, CEO of Genie9. “Our relationship with AOS technologies is essential in our strategy to explore new markets and serve the growing global demand for data backup and security solutions."

Genie Timeline is a mature and full-featured data backup and security application. The latest release of GTL products added the ability to schedule backups on specific date and time, power saving options after backup, speed that is twice faster than previous versions and most importantly Internal deduplication (Machine-Level) to eliminate multiple copies of files stored in multiple locations in the backup.

Genie Backup Manager Product line includes:

Home Edition:
What’s beautiful about GTL home is its simplicity; it includes context menu options and a Timeline Explorer integrated in Windows. You don’t have to be a scientist; just set it and forget it for it runs when you need it to, and picks up when it left off after pauses or disconnections.
Pro Edition:
A full-featured backup solution that adds 256-bit AES encryption, context menu options, Timeline Explorer integration in Windows, Automatic purge to save space, Protection level to indicate the health of the backup, Timeline view to recover from any point at time as well as advanced scheduling.
Server Edition:
Targets Small and Medium Businesses. What’s amazing about GTL server is that it runs whether the user is logged in or not and it obviously runs on a server.
Free Edition:
A great way to backup all your documents, pictures, music, videos and more with only a two step configuration process.

Plus you can enjoy an iPhone/ iPad app to keep track of your backup health. Genie Timeline makes it easy to continuously protect all your files no matter where they are stored; on your computer, external and network drives. Genie Timeline works automatically to protect new and changed files without any intervention.

About Genie9
Genie9, is a commercial developer of backup and security software solutions, providing products that combine reliability, flexibility and ease of use for both individuals and organizations. Genie9's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. The clutter-free user interface and intuitive functionality make Genie9 products one of the most productive and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.
To learn about Genie9's products and managed services solutions, please go to the Web at www.Genie9.com.
Resellers can visit Genie9 at http://www.genie9.com/partners/become.html