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Hasty online backup service

“Thank you soooooo much! That online backup is wonderfully fast too... it is a terrific service! I could not believe the speed... it was hard to believe my files were going to a server and not my external hard drive”

Cindy O'Neal


Above all comparisons

“I love your product; it is perfect for what I want to do. I will be ordering it today or tomorrow. Please pass on to your company that I compared it to others, including Symantec, and your product beats them all hands down. Thanks”



GBM does it !

“All in all, I'm very pleased to be in such good shape after what could have been a real disaster. I have recommended your software to family and friends in the past, and I will continue to do so in the future with even more confidence since I've proved to myself that it really works!”

Bonnie B. Zinn


Satisfied in all ways!

“Everything is wonderful!  Thank you very much for your help.
The software is fantastic, it’s easy to use, cost effective, and surpasses any backup software I’ve used in the past.”



All you can find in Genie Online Backup

“I have always wanted to utilize an online service such as you provide. In fact, I have tried almost all of them and eventually gave up in disgust because of all the problems including corrupt files, no way to select files for transfer, no way to delete files, skipped files, connection problems at their server, lost files, etc. Some of these services were quite expensive. Your service is the first one that apparently works correctly. Congratulations.”

Jay Deutchman


Recommending Genie Backup Manager Home

“A month or so ago, I purchased and installed GBM Home Edition on my personal computer at home.  I’ve been very satisfied with it’s simplicity and reliability. For a long time,  My Work had real problems with a backup system .  It’s been flaky, at best, and recently (after a major data loss), we discovered that it was completely unreliable in its operation.  I recommended that they look into GBM and downloaded and demoed it for them.  They were enthusiastic about its capabilities and they purchased the business version, which I installed and set-up for them.  After several weeks of flawless operation, they are really thrilled that their backup problems are now solved ,   Keep up the good work.”



Recommended as best backup software

“I've been using PCs since 1987 and GBM Pro is the best backup software I came across. It has comprehensive features and is reasonably fast to restore. I tested both backup/restore features and find it reliable. The plugins feature is excellent, it allows users to backup configurations of almost any PC software you use and that is a great bonus”

Frederick Level


Customer First!

I would like to take the opportunity and inform you that I am impressed by your very fast response time. If all companies did act (or react) like this than business would be much easier. I think you really live according to the motto CUSTOMER FIRST! That is very professional indeed! Thanks a lot again



Enjoying the ease of backup

“Your system is already leaps ahead of the competition I have found. Its ease of use makes it a joy to use. Backing up important data offsite is easy making it a cost effective solution for business. Our aim is to always look at offering our present and potential customers best value, without compromise which this program achieves.”



Backing up while applications are running

“I went through the evaluation of the tool for the last week and I have to say that this software has been a real breakthrough for me. I always use to miss backups of my important files because I would leave a program open. Leaving my laptop in the office over night (for the 12:00am scheduled backup) only happened about every other week. By the time I realized that I had missed 2 months of email backup, it was too late. I had a crash and couldn’t recover what I needed. Now I can run backup in the morning while I am checking email and working on other items. This tool is great”



Not a waste of money

“Thank you very much for the quick response and the new license. The best Money I ever spent was when I registered your programs. They have made my computer life 1,000 times easier. ;) Thank you again for a great program and your great support.”



Favourite Backup

“PS The software is brilliant - my favorite backup system by a wide margin, and the backup options (local, network, CD/DVD, FTP) are the best. I tried the FTP to my web server tonight, and it is so good, especially with the html summary coming back. I look forward to version 7!”



Exceeding the quality standards

"We would also like to congratulate you for the quality of your product. It exceeds the quality standards of many other software products in its category”



Prompt support

"By the way, I want to commend you on the promptness of your response. I sent my first inquiry in the morning, and by that afternoon you responded. My follow up was sent fairly late that night, but there was a response when I checked first thing this morning. I again responded, and you had replied by the time I got back home again. I can't ask for anything more in the way of customer service than a prompt response, and you certainly meet or exceed expectations in that regard.”



Taking care of all

"I am thrilled that your company sees the larger picture and offers a non-profit discount. I wish more companies were so far sighted.”



Genie Backup Manager.. a life saver!

"Your software program saved me. I have been using GBM for about the last 9 months or so. Last week my hard drive locked up. Unfortunately, I did not back up more of my files, but I did have my most important business files backed up to a CD."

Carl Loomis


With Genie Backup Manager it's piece of cake!

"Many thanks for your quick reply - I wish all software companies were that speedy:-)

I have been testing GBM today and have to say I'm VERY impressed. It seems to cover everything that a backup program should have. Today I have also installed another backup program -  and was very disappointed as the simple task of migrating an Outlook Express 6 from one PC to another was beyond it - but with GBM Pro it was a piece of cake!!!"



Out aim is to please

"I am pleasantly surprised, this being the third time you responded quickly to my emails. A couple larger outfits I emailed failed to respond at all.   I'll bet You even listen to suggestions and incorporate them where possible. Thanks again"



Efficient support

"Many thanks for your prompt answer,I am impressed by the efficiency of your support"



Genie9 support rocks!

" It amazes me how wonderful your Technical Support is. I really do not expect to hear from you so quickly, but here you are!

Genie9 rocks!"

Ric Melton


We care about our customers

" Thank you so much! I really appreciate your quick response. It is a real pleasure dealing with a company that actually cares about its customers "

Bernie Neumann


Genie Backup Manager all the way

" Thank you very much,  I am very pleased. I must say that you make things very easy, a rare thing these days. Your product is good "



Being professional our game

" The Genie9 team is very PROFESSIONAL "



Making the right choice

" I've just finished my first backup and your soft works really fine, much better than Nero. I'm proud to have purchased it "



Satisfied customers is what we aim for

"Thank you for this assistance. This is really the way to take care of a customer, and I appreciate it. You know, in my own company I would do exactly this because I believe that a satisfied customer is an asset of the company; so if I can make one happy, I have done something. Thanks again; I will be speaking the praises of the Genie9 service for a long time"



Genie Backup Manager peace of mind

" I have experimented with over 2 dozen backup programs in the past 10 years. Genie Backup Pro wins hands down. I will not use a program that is not intuitive--GBP can be mastered in one hour--just follow the steps. It has saved my valuable files and settings after many reformats. I love it--wouldn't leave home without it!"

Sid Gibson


We care!

" Thank You, Genie9, for your lighting fast response to my question. Surprise, Surprise... somebody who cares!"



A working product is what we do

" Really good products. Backing up is steady as a rock, and have just easily restored important files without a hitch."

Bill Hodson


Genie9 has it all

" Thank you for the quick service, you carry my vote for one of the simplest and easiest software packages to use. Add great support and you have Genie9 Backup Manager Pro."

Adriaan Allers


Genie Backup Manager is essential

" Thank you!  My laptop was stolen over the weekend, but all of my data was safe and sound on my external HD at home thanks to  GBM.  I am now restoring all my data so I can get back to work with minimal downtime.  Your program saved my Business."




" I have just purchased Genie BP6.0.I am very impressed this is an excellent program. I will recommend to my friends. Thank you."



Genie Backup Manager a winner

" Genie Backup Manager seems to do a better job with the "special" files like the outlook data file than Veritas Backup Exec."



Spread the joy

"Hi And thanks very much , excellent service I will recommend you where I can!! "



We know exactly what you need

"Genie9 you are too kind. How thoughtful of you to do this for me. It is precisely what I needed. I am most grateful and appreciative. I love your product and have recommended it to others.Again, many thanks."



Top 1 backup software

"I've been using the Genie on a trial basis and I can see why TechRepublic rated the Genie number 1 out of 18 backup programs Genie by far is the best Home and Office backup program I've ever used. Easy to use, fast and excellent help and tutorial screens"

Joe Crocilla


Great customer support

"Thank you for the time and I appreciate (genuinely) your great customer support...Respectfully"

Evan de


We spread happiness

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" (with thanks to Lewis Carroll).And 'Thank-you-very-nice' too Doc! A top product you've got there. I'll have to go do more joy spreading."



Able to backup all kinds of files

"I write again to thank you for this simply marvelous program, File Access Manager (FAM). It is the greatest!

Before, I would do a backup with Genie Backup Manager Pro 6.0 and upon completion I would check the backup log.  There would be numerous open files that were skipped because they were running in the background.   FAM resolved that issue once and for all.

I have run backups in all styles, Easy Layout and Normal Layout.  My favorite now is DVD. I can backup everything with 2 disks.  I use DVD-RW and can erase them and reuse them after making new backups.

File Access Manager has been a godsend to me"

Ben Skinner


Never let you down

" Just wanted to thank for getting me back on my feet again. It works like a charm. GBM and FAM work well. Please keep up the good work"

Henry R. Westbrook


Qulified cusomter service is what we do

"Thank you for your support. It is a pleasure doing business with an organisation that offers good customer service. I am in the IT business and recomend your product to people who ask about backup software."

David Brill


Your wishes are our commands

"I feel like you wrote the program especially for me.  Genie9 employees are a delight to correspond and "work with".  You make people feel like they are right at home with Genie9.  It's entirely my pleasure to know Genie9 I thank you again for all you have done"

Ben Skinner


Its all about our customers

"Thank you very much for your products.  You have made me believe that there are companies out there that do care about their customers. I will spread the word about your great products"




" I am VERY IMPRESSED with your VERY FAST response to my inquiry.  I enjoyed using your program during my evaluation period. I needed a backup program that supported long filenames.  Thanks for giving me that quality product"



A software that saves time

"Just wanted to send you a note to once again say thanks for making backup manager available to me.  I just had a hard drive crash, the day after I had backed up contents with backup manager.  I simply put in the warranty replacement drive, ran the exe. backup file I had created, and I'm right back to where I was.  This saved me so much work.A hearty thanks to you and your staff for a terrific program."

Tom Matty


Incredible fast...works flawlessly

"That's incredible! It's the best! The backup software you've written.I've had the Maxtor One Touch external drive for 3-4 days. It came with some backup program. Tried to get it to work. . Your Genie9 Backup Pro software worked flawlessly the very first time . Inn-cred-ible!"

Robert Fortune


We serve you best

" ...Thanks again!! Your service is impeccable!!!"



Customer Service again

" I have been very happy with the product you sell and the way you are always ready to help me in any way possible. I want you to know that I have been and will continue to tell my friends and co-workers about your products. It is rare these days to actually get customer service. Thank you very much and wish you continued success in your business."



Superior performance

"I have been using GBM Pro for about nine months now and the performance of the software has been superior. I'm sure you're tired of me praising GBM but it's been a blessing to my company; I can't say enough good about the product. Once again, I can't praise you're software enough; PLEASE keep up the great work!"



Genie is the best . . . by far!

" Let me say how much I love Genie Backup Manager Pro. Over the course of fifteen years or so, I have used one kind of backup solution after another. Genie is the best . . . by far! You people at Genie9 are geniuses. You thought of everything."

Paul H. March


We know how to support

" Thanks very much!  I also want to compliment you on your quick turnarounds and responses as well as accomadating my situation.  You obviously understand the importance of Customer Service which isn't too abundant these days!"



Fast replies

"Thank you very much for your past support, I was really satisfied with your fast response"

Diana Li


Pleasure doing business

"Thanks Again It is a true pleasure doing business with a company such as yours."

Jerry Hankins


Five stars support

"Many thanks for your very swift and positive response which in the short time I have been dealing with Genie9 has become the hallmark of your excellent service. Many thanks again"



We help you with a glance

"I would just like to thank you for dealing with my Issue so quickly and efficiently, I will have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future!"

S. Kuglin


More & more satisfied customers

"Thank you for your personal response and for a more affordable option for me and my family.  I was very pleased with the evaluation .Your personal attention reinforced the excellent reviews I had read about your product and your company's support, and I'm please to join your growing number of satisfied customers!"

Scott D. Whitney


Genie9 is the one

"Okay, you guys are just AWESOME!  I will certainly spread the word that your program is THE one to get.  I have never seen such good and caring customer support!"



We assist you personally

"It is refreshing to see the personal interest that your company takes in customer service. I look forward to receiving the CD soon,. I purchased Genie BackUp Pro after doing some research on the internet and reading several favorable reviews. I am grateful for your interest in my email and look forward to enjoying all the features of 6.0."

Ed Flynn


Genie9 respects our customers

" Thank you so much for your generosity. It is a pleasure to work with a company that can be trusted and cares about the customer. (The last company that I bought backup software from was quite shady and rude.)"



Unbelievable service

" Thank You for your prompt action.  This is unbelievable service."

Earl Avera


Helpdesk is efficient way to support

" That's great- thanks very much for all the help ! Using this online ticket type system works a lot better than emails flying back and forth like so many other companies :-) "

Chris Longhurst


Works as advertised

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! After a recent hard drive failure, I rebuilt my machine and used my Genie backup DVD with the Genie Restore utility and got back all my important files - without having to re-install Genie! Of course I intend on doing so, but the small .exe file included on the DVD allowed me to get back up and running quickly, which means a lot in my business. Your product works as advertised, something all to often not seen in the computing industry"

Scott McDaniel


All features in one package

"In fact, all those comments are no surprise to me. On our side, for our project, we did try at least 10 - 12 different backup solutions, and as you know, our choice remains on Genie.  Why? Simply because of what we call in French "le rapport qualité-prix"  (all the features we get for the price).  GBM definitely was the best package to address our needs here, to offer that level of support and concern, and on top of that, it will reduce our investment.  No wonder, so many people think the same. To finish with my comments, I can only encourage you to keep on doing that great job.  This will lead your product to even a higher level that what you've seen so far. "



Set your backup in 2 minutes

"Thank you very much, It's ordered, installed and backing up as I write this...Great product took me a whole 2 minutes to get everything set and backing up (I did read a bit of the instructions) Thanks again for the quick reply"



Genie Backup Manager will solve it

"Thank you Genie. I have spent a month trying to get my Maxtor One Touch 11 external drive to operate. It come with its  back up software application. The retailer providing technical support section even suggested that I remove my firewall, Register Mechanic, Go Back and anything else that was interfering with the application.

I then went searching for a solution that would work and found reviews that put Genie at number one. I then tried your trial free download and it worked. I have purchased a copy and would recommend your product to anybody.

The free trial test has always been a good sign that you have confidence that your product will work, and I am willing to try them.Thanks from a very satisfied customer."

Graham Cavanagh


Impressive and essential

" Many thanks, I am pleased it works as this is a great product, very impressive and very essential. "

Chris Veitch


Rated as best service

"thats realy the best service in the world!"

Otmar Stoeckmann


Stress Free!

"Just a note to express my gratitude for your assistance in the matter below. Be assured I shall 'spread the word' - your product saves a whole barrel of stress in keeping data safe. Thank you again"

Les Edgecumbe


Worth it's price

" I am already of the opinion that you have an outstanding product, worth every penny of the price "

Ron Dial


Outstanding product

" I'm am highly pleased with your program, the best I ever bought. The performance and features are absolutely outstanding. Jacques van der Most"



Pleased all around the world

"Congratulations from Spain  for your great software and speedy service. Thanks again"



Enjoying the easy of backup

" I love your product. It's the only one that works, compared to the competitors. Just thought I'd drop this in "



Another satified customer

"Thank you kindly for your quick and highly agreeable response!! Congratulations on an excellent product. Keep up the good work"

Michael Menna


Expect the unexpected with Genie9!

"I've had Genie Backup Manager Pro v5 for some time now and love it. How surprised I was today to find an email from you allowing me to update to 6.0 for FREE. Almost unheard of these days. I really appreciate it. You can be certain that those I deal with will hear about your terrific product "

Edgar Mandeville


We stand up for our word

"Your product is one of the best products I have ever bought.  It works as described and is quite efficient versus other backup products I have used. I have restored files and find it much faster than similar products I tested."

Jim Toner


Exceeds all expectations

" Thank you Sir for accepting the feedback.  I'm evaluating your applicaiton as we speak and so far it's far exceeds anything I've tried so far.  Keep up the good work!"

Chris King


Using Genie Backup Manager is a joy

" I really enjoy your product and I think you have excellent customer service. Keep up the great work." 

James Osella


Fantastic support

"I Would just like to thank you again for the fantastic support you have given me."

Brian Capewell


We will always care

" Thank you for your reply.  My Boss and I would like to express how thankful we are for your permanent concern and support.  We both agreed that such a commitment to potential customers (even to customers) is very rare and that your support is among the very best.  He personally asked me to express that thankful tone on his behalf. "



We solve it

" Thank you for such a fast response.The problem has gone and I really value your customer services. -Great software by the way. "

Richard lamb


High level of customer service

"Thank you very much for your quick replies (not just to this e-mail, but rather all of them) and big help. All of your products are very good and the level of your customer service skills is just fantastic. I am going to recommend your product to everybody. Thanks and regards,"

Ashot Mkrtchiyan


24/7 Support

" THANKS FOR YOUR PROMPT - WEEKEND - support. I am a GenieSoft believer now more than ever"

John Dubinsky


Making the right decision

"Thank you for your prompt action. It confirms my feeling that I was dealing with a great software company with a number of excellent, highly-rated products. Your solution is more than satisfactory. I really appreciate that!!"

William M. Brown


Genie9 makes you confident

" This is to let you know that I have bought GBMPROV5. I liked the program and your reply. I did have to update my Samsung drive , which I did before deciding to buy the software. The reason is that I found my Samsung drive could not write to DVD just read it. Thanks for your prompt reply to my query and your kindness ... that finally made up my mind as I felt confident I could get help if I needed it. Many Thanks"

Dr Peter Francis


Friendly customer support

"Thank you for this customer friendly return e-mail, I would not have expected it any other way from Genie"


All kind of outstanding support

"Just want to complement you on your excellent and prompt Sales support. Tell your Genie9 Staff you deserve a raise for outstanding Sales support service. All the best"

John Thoma


Giving you special attention

"Thank you For your personal and speedy attention to this matter, it's not often found in today's busy world."

Ron Layman


We t ake all your feedback into consideration

"I thank you for prompt reply. It is good to know that people at genie9 do read the mail and respond to it. That is not always the case with software companies."

Bruce Meyers


Gold Award!

"I've already made a backup of essential files and it worked like a charm!
Thanks for the support and congratulations with the gold award in the review at Data Backup Software Review"

Asbjorn Hansen


Fastest reply ever

"Thanks for your quick response. By the way one of the fastest I've ever got.Outlook backup works just perfect. Kind regards from Germany"

Olaf Ernst


24/7 Support

"Thank you very much for your very kind reply and the gift of the upgrade to the Pro Edition and the additional OFM. You are more than kind. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done. I just wish every company I did business with was as quick to respond with upgrades and free gifts as you have been.Right now I am a very happy customer and please use this endorsement in any way you wish. I will tell everyone and praise Genie Soft."

Gibson Poston


Using Genie Backup Manager since a long time

"You saved my day and my backups ;-) I have been using Genie9 since november 2003 . This is the best backup software I have ever experienced. I am also glad of the support you gave me. I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my friends"



Service level rewarded as excellent

" Your service level is excellent. I'll be happy to buy more products from you when ever you have something new. If you need a person for ideas or beta-tests count me in."

Dimitri Dimitriadis


Easy support at anytime

" This was an example of outstanding customer service! A fast and to-the-point answer and on the weekend as well"

Jeff Ely


Expeditious help

" You recently helped me purchase your backup software, and provided expeditious help.
I have received the software and I am very pleased. I am sure you probably get some complaints from time to time. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated. I can tell you I will look favorably on all your products and recommend them, not just for there quality, but because of your help.Again Thank You"

Patrick J Groves


Non-purchased users also get high level support

" At present using Dantz Retrospect packaged with sonny's external hard drive and was not satisfied with either their product or support. Have tested Genie along with 10 other products until it was either backup4all or genie. 4 days after downloading Genie I received an error saying that my lisence had expired. I wrote you guys and got an answer in short time with an extended key. Not to mention i had not bought any of your products as of then!! good pm and support as well as a decent product. YOU GOT OUR BUSINESS!!"

Bruce Thomas


Peace of mind

" Happiness - is knowing you are backed up..."

Bill Ackerman


Genie Backup Manager makes backup easy and fast

" I am very happy with your Backup Manager Pro.  It works flawlessly each time and backs up to all my devices, internal and external.  Very, very nice.  It is fast and easy to use, too.  Makes backing up so easy to do and my data is always on hand in case of disaster.  Keep up the good work!"

James Russell



" Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've been looking for a year, and begging anyone who could help me, for reliable backup software. Your product is DYNOMITE! I'm so happy with GBM that I bought it for my company. Please, keep up the superior work. I will tell everybody I know about GBM.GBM has erased all the headaches that I used to have with backup software.Again, Thank you. I AM a loyal customer"

Les Beecher


Support that exceeds all expectations

" Your support is above and beyond what I expected. Thank you so much, I will certainly tell all my friends and co-workers about your outstanding response. Again I very much appreciate your efforts "



We gain confidence

" Thanks for your extensive and fast reply which of course increases the confidence in your company and product "

Gaston Gloesener


Genie Backup Manager compared

"As GBMPro is one of the best backup programs.
GBMPRo came out top if you exclude the expensive heavy weights it was up against - very expensive too they were. Looks as if you have positioned GBMPro just right for individuals and companies. The best thing is it works:-)."



Restoring takes minutes

"A wonderful program. Easy to use, an intuitive interface, it worked just the way I hoped that it would. I installed a new hard drive. Within minutes of completing the OS install, I had all my documents and settings back. I can't recommend this product highly enough."

Larry Kuperman


Favourable feature

"Thanks very much. I love the playlist backup feature!"



Happy with everything

" I'm very(!!) impressed with your product (Genie backup), your website, your help documentation, the immediate acknowledgement of an email for support, and the intuitiveness of everything."

Kevin Boyle


Encouraging business

" its very encouraging to work with you , as you keep very close touch , with a very new person in your portfolio"



Easy interface

"I think your product is great and am always happy to recommend it. It is very functional with a clean interface and very easy to use."

Andrew Groat


Encourages, listens and responds to it's customers

"Thank you so much! I love the way you and your company gets involved with it's customers. Most software companies don't interact with people and respond to feedback etc.
I am very happy to contribute to a company that... Encourages, listens and responds to it's customers.
Thanks for taking notice and all that you have done! Please express my thanks to everyone else down at Genie9 for me."

Marc Foumberg


Prompt response !

".....thank you for your prompt response....I am delighted GBH will work with XP and that I can purchase it using Amazon, which I did moments ago......I look forward to using it.... With such excellent, responsive customer service, Genie9 is in for many successful years .....thanks again."

Lee Woodham


Being compared

"Thanks for the help and I must say that this program is hands down and unquestionably better than Dantz Retrospect 6.5 that I was using - at least Genie Tech Support responds to problems posed."

Thomas A Tkach



" ..I want to thank you in advance for your VERY fast reply.. that alone says good things about your company.. I confess to being very surprised... happily so.."

Gregg Anderson


Thank god I have Genie Backup Manager

" Fantasitc Program. Saved me 2nd day running. One of those
powerful-easy to use jems. Thanks"

Tim Mandeville


Restore super features

" I am so far completely impressed by your backup software. Features and ease of use are great! I especially love the ability to restore on a second computer without having to install the  backup software. Thanks for the help "

Michael R Dubnick


When it comes to backup.. we're the first on mind

"...When it comes to data backup I can think of no better program for ease of use and functionality than Genie9's Backup Manager ... "

Jeff Mackiewicz -IT professional
PC Solutions AZ


Always have a backup plan!

"Thank you! Thank you! Your Outlook Express Backup product is a life saver
I'm a small business owner and the hard drive on my primary computer crashed a few days ago. It had to be replaced.
Fortunately, I'm big on backing up data. And I'm especially glad I learned about your Outlook Express product.
... Now that's something unusual these days. A product that does what it's supposed to do."

Tom Ellis
Ellis Communications


Saved by Genie Backup Manager

"All I can say is thank God for your product, it saved me in more ways than I can say!"

Larry Swadner


A backup software for all

"I recently purchased the above two programs. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with them, they are a great improvement on previously used programs, very easy to use and I am certainly no expert!"

Dudley Payne


Success in giving you what you need

"Can I say thank you - for providing exactly the back up product I have been looking for for years. It does everything I want it to do, does it over a network without having to purchase a special edition, does it easily and, as far as I can judge after a short period, does it fast. You guys deserve great success."

Pete Plail


Rare, unique way of support

"Really impressed with your speedy responses, btw – such a rare experience in the world of tech support, sad to say – though great for those of us who do offer such a service – because it impresses customers all the more for its rarity!"

R Connolly


Genie Backup Manager it is

"I'm kickin' myself for not having gone with Genie first! The other one I went with (even with all its praise for it) was a diappointment. Genie Backup Manager really is easy to use and easy on the eyes (and brain)to negotiate. The interface is beautifully designed too.This is the product I'll be sure to tell others about when the subject comes up. Thanx."

Guy Sacco


Genie Backup Manager is the answer

"I've been searching for the ultimate backup program and have been highly disappointed--you have to be a Rocket Scientist to run Retrospect which came prepackaged with two of my external drives. I just purchased your program--THANKS!!"

Sid Gibson


We won't leave you behind

"Thank you for your quick remedy to my problem.  I was feeling gypped, but you have solved my problem with speed and excellent customer service."

Graham Wilson


We communicate

"Kudos to you and the GenieSoft team to provide solutions, by way of new builds, to resolve all issues that I have brought to your attention going back to Genie 4.0.

Bert Townes


Continuous support

"Thanks again for your prompt help and efforts . I am extremely pleased with my registered copy of Genie Backup Manager Pro5"


Backup software where you can rely on

"Congragulations to you for this very good application. It's too useful and efficient to backup the emails and files.


Genie Backup Manager saves you time and money

"I wanted to tell you that Genie saved me big time today. My computer crashed for some unknown reason and it was due to the regular backup of the Windows Settings that I got it started again. I can't use the XP home CR-Rom disk because it is the OEM version. Anyway, your product made this person very relieved and happy at the same time because otherwise, I would have been forced to bring it to the computer shop. God knows how much that would have cost."


Excellent support

"You can compliment yourself on your excellent support in view of the fact that I have just purchased the upgrade. If you had been less than excellent, I would have made another choice."

Rob Lofstedt


Speedy replies

"Thank you for your speedy reply. Once again I must compliment The Genie9 Team on your excellence."

Ben Skinner

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