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Determining drive model and finding updates and firmware

Q: What is Firmware? 
A: Firmware is software that is included in a piece of hardware which control how the CD/DVD recorder communicates with a software application.  
Firmware is specific to a single CD/DVD recorder; it can not be applied to all CD/DVD drives.


Summary:  This document will guide you through the process of determining what CD/DVD recorder you have and how to get updates for this device.  There are 2 steps required to complete this task:

  • Step One: Find CD/DVD Drive Model and Manufacturer information. If you already know the model/brand of CD/DVD recorder, you can skip this step and move onto Step Two


  •  Step Two: Locate Updates for your CD/DVD Recorder. 


Step One: Find CD/DVD Drive Model and Manufacturer information.

  1. Open “My Computer” by double clicking on the following icon - 


-A list of CD/DVD drives will be listed under the heading “Devices with Removable Storage”

  1. Right-click on your CD/DVD Recorder and select properties.



-The System Properties window will appear.  Click on the Hardware Tab to view installed drives on your machine.

-A list of all CD/DVD drives will appear. 

  1.  Locate the CD/DVD recorder on the system and take note of the model number:

-CD/DVD recorders will have the following icon àdisplayed next to it. 

Step Two: Finding the Firmware version for your CD/DVD recorder:

1. Right click on MyComputer (Desktop or Start menu)
2. Select “Manage” from the right click menu
3. Select “Storage”
4. Select “Removable Storage”, then double-click “Libraries” on the right.
5. Right click on the applicable DVD RW/CD RW driveàSelect “Properties”
6. Go to the “Device Information” tab. “Revision” indicates the firmware version of your optical drive.


Step Three: Locating updates for your CD/DVD recorder:

Firmware is the most important update for a CD/DVD recorder.  Updating a recorders firmware resolves the majority of common writing problems.

There are a few different ways to find available firmware updates for your CD/DVD recorder.  Below are the most common:

  1. Check with your CD/DVD drive manufacturer for updates.


  • Most hardware manufacturers provide updates on their website available for download.  Go to the hardware manufacturer’s website and look for updates/firmware for your CD/DVD recorder.  
  • If you received your CD/DVD recorder with a purchase of a computer, check the computer manufacturer’s website for available updates. 
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